Laminate flooring that makes sense in your home

Homeowners now view laminate in a brand new light, thanks to advancements in the flooring. They are functional and stunning, offering perfection in any setting. So, it only makes sense to highlight them in at least one room as you search for new flooring.

Besides these fantastic benefits, laminate flooring is affordable, fitting any budget level. From room to room, their benefits precede them. And with the right choices, they can last over 20 years before replacement.

Flooring for every room

Laminate wood flooring is a workable choice for every room in your home; they're an excellent alternative to carpet or hardwood in bedrooms. And they cost a fraction of the price of the real thing.

But they're also perfect in this space because they are hypoallergenic. They don't offer a haven for dust, dander, or pollen, so allergy sufferers sleep easier. So, no matter which room you put these floors in, there are benefits perfect for the space.

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Visuals that match any decor

In this product line, visuals are constantly evolving to match new homeowner needs in laminate flooring. You’ll find wood and stone-look materials with every natural color. Textures, formats, and installation layouts help create the perfect look too.

It's a great way to match existing decor or build around your new flooring. First, consider all the current trends to determine which ones cater to your specific needs. There's something for everyone, so browse and consider all possible options

We know that durability matters

These floors can be everything you need when you need performance and durability. A layered construction is perfect for functionality, especially with lots of traffic. But laminate flooring is also scratch, scuff, and stain-resistant too.

Be sure to ask about water-resistant options. These benefits are perfect for dampness and humidity. They work well in homes with pets too.
Laminate flooring in Davenport, IA from Wayne Montgomery Floors

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